Solar PV

Solar PV

We install Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations for both domestic and commercial customers, providing a full service from initial survey right through to commissioning the system.

We are Micro-Generation Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited, meaning that all of the installations we carry out are eligible for the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme. By registering your installation with the Feed-in Tariff scheme you will receive tax free payments from the government for up to 20 years

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Get more from your Solar PV Panels

In addition to installing new systems we can also help you to enhance and look after your existing system, even if we didn’t install it for you, ensuring you are always receive the maximum output from your system.

Cleaning – Just like your windows your solar panels collect dirt and dust which will reduce their ability to take in the suns rays, immediately affecting their output and your pay back. A regular professional clean every 1-2 years will keep them working to their maximum.

System health check – A periodic test of your system will highlight any potential or existing issues with efficiency or safety, keeping the system working correctly and preventing any potential hazards.

Heat your hot water – By fitting a small device you can use surplus energy created by your solar panels to heat your hot water – saving you even more on your energy bills.

Shading – Many systems fail to perform at their maximum efficiency due to shading issues. With a traditional string inverter, any shading on even one panel will affect the output of the whole array. With the simple addition of a SolarEdge optimiser only the output of the panel in shade is affected and the rest of the panels can run at maximum efficiency, maintaining the output of the system.

Battery Storage – This break-through in energy storage can help homeowners save even more and in some cases all but eliminate reliance on energy from the grid. Solar batteries are without a doubt the next big thing in the solar energy market.

How Solar Panels Work

How Solar Panels Work

1. Solar Panels The panels generate electricity from daylight, the brighter the day the more electricity they produce.
2. The Inverter This converts the electricity generated by the panels into electricity that can be used in your home or sold back to the electricity grid.
3. The Generation Meter This records the amount of electricity produced by the panels and meter readings are used to calculate the amount of tax free payments you’ll receive.
4. The Consumer Unit The electricity generated by the panels will flow through your consumer unit and into your home, significantly reducing your electricity bill.
5. Electricity Grid Any of the electricity not used in your home will automatically flow into the electricity grid. Your supplier will guarantee to purchase 50% of the electricity that you produce, regardless of how much they receive! Any additional electricity required for your home will be supplied to you in just the same way that it is now.