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Air Source
Heat Pumps

Princeenergy can supply and fit air source heat pumps for both domestic and commercial customers. We have extensive experience of system design and can advise on the best solution for your property based on heat requirements and budget.

Air Source heat pumps can be used on their own or can be incorporated into a heating system alongside a more traditional heat source or another renewable energy source such as solar thermal or solar PV.

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Why choose an Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps take up very little space and can be retrofitted quite easily without major works. They are more straight forward to install than the ground source variant which requires digging to allow the ground loops to be buried.

Air source heat pumps are able to absorb heat from the outside air even when the temperature is low. In fact they can still draw warm air when the outside temperature is as low as -15°C. The heat absorbed by your heat pump can be used in your property to heat hot water and heating systems including radiators and underfloor heating.

In addition we can advise clients whether there are any specialist considerations that need to be made for their project such as Structural Calculations, Planning or Building Regulation Approval.

Princeenergy supply and fit a range of air source heat pump solutions and can also install other system upgrades such as underfloor heating and new or replacement radiators.

All installations are carried out by our own qualified engineers and once installed our team will take you through the required paperwork to help you register your system for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme so you can start receiving your tax free payments as soon as possible.

How Heat Pumps Work

Air source heat pumps

1. Air Air is drawn into the Air Source Heat Pump from the outside air.
2. Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) The ASHP absorbs the heat from the air and transfers this heat via a refrigerant to the water system in your property providing heating and hot water.
3. Heated Water The heated water from the ASHP is circulated around the Heating Circuit and indirectly passed through the Hot Water Cylinder via a coil, just as it would be with a traditional boiler system.
4. Hot Water Hot Water is stored within the Hot Water Cylinder and is available for use in Baths, Showers and taps throughout the property.
5. Heating The heated water from the ASHP radiates heat through either radiators or more suitably through under floor heating and is then circulated back through the pump to be re-heated.