Protect your home from falling winter temperatures

Protect your home from falling winter temperatures

January 23, 2017

The recent cold weather not only makes it unpleasant to be outside but can also cause problems inside your home. A burst due to freezing pipes can be devastating to your home, fortunately along with Anglian Water, we are able to give you some tips on how to protect your home and keep your pipes cosy!

Anglian Water recently ran a competition giving their customers the chance to win a winter check on their pipework and plumbing. Princeenergy carried out the checks and also completed the remedial works at the five properties on behalf of Anglian Water.

The remedial works covered simple tasks such as lagging pipes, adding insulation jackets to water tanks and covering outside taps. Other plumbing corrections were also completed to ensure the winners homes complied with current water regulations, things such as ensuring that the correct air gaps were installed in storage cisterns and fitting back flow prevention devices to outside taps, this not only protects the homeowner’s pipework but also protects the mains water supply from contamination.

So that’s five competition winners who have their homes winter ready but how can you protect your own home from the freezing weather?

Insulation – As we have already mentioned lagging pipes and insulating water tanks is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent your pipework in winter. This is especially important for tanks and pipework in the loft as they will be outside of your homes thermal envelope and will be subjected to lower temperatures. You can pick up foam pipe insulation and water tank jackets from your local DIY store and they are very easy to fit.

Outside taps – Drain down your outside tap before cold weather starts, close the valve and then run the tap to prevent cold spreading up the pipes and into your home. Always remove hosepipes from outside taps for the winter and fitting an insulating jacket is also a good idea.

Heating – Even if you are going away make sure your heating comes on low for at least a few hours a day, this background heat will help to stop pipes freezing.

Stop tap – Do you know where your stop tap is? Make a point to locate it and check it works, if the worst does happen you need to be able to switch it off quickly. If you do go away you may also want to consider switching off your stop tap in case of any leaks while you are away.

Professional Help – If you do have a problem with a burst pipe or a similar problem make sure you have the number of a suitably qualified plumber on hand so you can call them straight away, store the number in your phone and tape it next to the stop tap so that everyone in your home can access it. You can find a WaterSafe plumber in your area on the WaterSafe website.

More information to help you save water and protect your home this winter can be found on the Anglian Water website.