Princeenergy Averts Possible Tragedy

Thermal Warning

Princeenergy Averts Possible Tragedy

March 28, 2014

Princeenergy has received high praise from Peterborough homeowner Richard Davey for averting a possible tragedy. Princeenergy investigated and rectified a hazardous solar thermal system which was installed at Mr Davey’s home in 2012.

Mr Davey is keen to warn other homeowners that by trusting the highly convincing sales pitches offered by some companies you may be putting your family’s safety in jeopardy. “The combination of faults they left me with was so dangerous, if it hadn’t of been for the expertise of the Princeenergy team I dread to think what may have happened.” Mr Davey had his solar thermal system fitted by a company that has thankfully now ceased trading. “Looking back few people had knowledge of these systems and their sales pitch was good and to be honest I was in the lap of the Gods as I had very little knowledge myself”.

However that belief was soon to become doubted when subsequent to his installation Mr Davey spotted that a black liquid had begun to discharge from some of the joints on his systems. It was then that Mr Davey involved the services of Princeenergy, who upon investigation found that amongst numerous examples of bad workmanship and poor installation throughout, the system had dangerously been connected to the mains cold water supply, which could have resulted in hazardous chemicals contaminating the drinking water supply!
Further to possible contamination of the family’s water supply an overflow pipe had been installed over the back door. This could have potentially caused serious injury had water been expelled at high pressure. Mr Davey commented, “I couldn’t believe it when I was told that in addition to the other examples of poor workmanship, that the extremely high temperatures my system had been registering may well have caused the system to cause damage to my property or persons. All in all my solar installation had been poorly installed, however I cannot commend Princeenergy highly enough for the fantastic job they have done rectifying the problems. I am so grateful for the help and professional guidance they provided me with. I have no problem in recommending Princeenergy to anybody who is looking for a company to maintain or install a solar thermal system, their standard of workmanship was excellent. They have fantastic technicians that provide a first class service”.

Sam Cooke Princeenergy’s energy solution advisor was delighted with Mr Davey’s praise. “There is no doubt that the installation at Mr Davey’s property was installed with a disregard to the manufacturer’s instructions and current legislation. The worrying thing is that Mr Davey is not alone; we have seen an increase in the number of poorly installed systems. Solar thermal systems are not fit and forget technologies; they need to be installed by competent engineers and need to be serviced annually to ensure they run at maximum efficiency and all safety devices are operational”.