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Wessex Water Services Ltd
Public Buildings Water Fittings Inspections 

Project: Public Buildings Water Fittings Inspections
Value: £27,000
Duration: 10 weeks
Client: Wessex Water Services Ltd
Completed: March 2016
Princeenergy have been successfully delivering water inspection services to Anglian Water for over three years and it is due to the success of this contract and on recommendation from Anglian Water that we were invited by Wessex Water to deliver a very similar service on a trial basis across a small portion of their operational area.

Wessex Water approached Princeenergy to carry out a trial of water regulation/water fittings inspections at public health buildings in the Devizes area to demonstrate our unique software and systems developed to help improve efficiency and costs savings within this field of work.

We were tasked with arranging and carrying out inspections at 142 properties over a ten week period, the premises ranged from hospitals and hotels to take-away restaurants. Our inspector’s role was to identify any infringements of the water regulations and issue an improvement notice to ensure all problems were rectified within a designated timescale.

Once the initial inspections were successfully completed we were requested to continue with the process and organise the re-inspections of those sites that had originally failed to comply over a period of a further four weeks.

The whole project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule

During the contract we also developed a process for undertaking water efficiency surveys as part of the water inspections. The surveys were being completed by a separate specialist contractor meaning additional visits to properties and additional costs for Wessex Water. We worked with the water efficiency team at Wessex Water to develop new working practices which allowed us to record the necessary data during the standard inspection process.

This process not only reduced visits to customer premises but also gave Wessex Water a valuable insight of water usage and enabled them to put measures in place to help prevent water wastage.

This trial was the first time Wessex Water has used a contractor for water inspections, so it was important that we shared our experience and knowledge with their teams to ensure a smoothly delivery of the project. Our team absorbed as much of the administration and day-to-day management of the inspections as possible, reducing pressure on their staff and helping to avoid any issues.

The whole project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule with the initial 142 inspections being completed in just seven weeks with over £4,000 worth of savings based on the original budget figures.>br>
In addition 764 separate non-conformities were identified and corrected throughout the contract.

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