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Domestic Customer
Solar panels helped clinch the deal 

Project: Solar panels helped clinch the deal
Value: £9,000
Duration: 2 days
Client: Domestic Customer
Completed: July 2011

Peter Lucas can be considered to be an early adopter…he had solar thermal installed on his house back in 2008 and was so impressed three years later he had Princeenergy install solar panels as well.

But Mr Lucus and his wife are not the only people who were impressed because the Lucas’s are moving on and the people whoare buying their house in Gosberton, Lincolnshire, are delighted to have their energy problems solved at a stroke.

“I have no doubt that the prospect of them earning up to £1000 a year for the next 22 years helped clinch the deal. And good luck to them,” said Mr Lucas.

“That sort of payback over the next couple of decades is a very nice benefit when buying a house.”

“To be honest our decision to go solar in 2008 was 60% financial and 40% green but we are absolutely delighted we did. We have had no problems at all, the house is very energy efficient and we get between £850 and £1000 a year back under the feed-in tariff scheme.

Under the scheme, energy suppliers have to make regular payments to householders who generate their own electricity from renewable or low carbon sources such as solar panels.

Solar thermal involves having collectors on the roof which absorb heat from the sun and heats the water. Solar panels, which should also besituated on the roof, create electricity from daylight which can be used in a home and the surplus can be sold back to the grid.

So the question is will the Lucas’s have solar installed on their new house? “Not to begin with but we are definitely going to be considering it,” said Mr Lucas.

“We are delighted with the final result and the most professional way the installation was carried out by the Princeenergy team. They were all outstanding with their help and advice and the standard of workmanship was first class."

At A Glance
Name Mr & Mrs Lucas
Panel Model 12No. Solarworld Sunmodule Plus 245w mono
Inverter Model SMA Sunny Boy SB3000TL
Orientation West
Date Commissioned 30th June 2011
System Size 2.94kWp
Est. Ann. Output SAP (2005) 1950kWh
Act. Daily Output 04/07/11 – 13/09/11 7.24kWh

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