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Peterborough City Council - Bayard Place
Installation of energy efficient HVAC system 

Project: Installation of energy efficient HVAC system
Value: £1,000,000
Duration: 21 weeks
Client: Peterborough City Council - Bayard Place
Completed: December 2012

Faced with ever rising fuel bills and an aging heating system Peterborough City council felt it was time to update the heating and cooling system at Bayard Place.

After being contacted by Peterborough City Council with this issue, Princebuild were contracted to install a new heating system which would improve efficiency and lower the running costs over the building’s five floors.

Once a design had been agreed Princeenergy began the installation of Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps consisting of 11 separate systems delivering heating and cooling across their building’s five floors.

The system allows simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery outdoor units. This maximises the efficiency of the units ensuring warm stale air is recycled and not just pumped into the atmosphere.

Bayard Place is the Council’s main office in Peterborough and it was originally built with gas fired heating and chilled water cooling. Each air handling unit had a self-contained refrigerant system using R22, a CFC refrigerant no longer allowed to be manufactured.

There were also two cooling towers on the roof in need of serious updating.

“The council was keen to change their system as it was aging, unreliable and not environmentally friendly”

“The project was completed in phases to help ensure the continuity of heating and cooling. Office personnel were relocated during the installation on each floor; this required strict deadlines to be met, allowing staff to return as the next floor was vacated..

The ground floor of the building is a public area and had to be maintained as fully operational during the day. All works to remove the old system and install the new were completed outside of working hours. This was critical to ensure the essential operations of the local authority remained functional with minimal inconvenience to the general public

Jim Manning, Associate Director for Princeenergy commented "Over recent years we have been expanding the Building Energy Management System (BEMS) side of the business. We have undertaken a number of installations and upgrades to existing systems that we have had a big impact for our clients.”.

"The Bayard Place installation was a case in point and the system controls all the plant to ensure the building is kept at a constant temperature without wasting energy by overheating areas.

With full weather compensation the system will automatically adjust to allow for the correct heating or cooling required in accordance with the outdoor temperature.”

The project was successfully completed on time and to budget and is already creating savings for the council.

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