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Wittering Primary School
Plant room refurbishment 

Project: Plant room refurbishment
Value: £75,000
Duration: 12 weeks
Client: Wittering Primary School
Completed: November 2013

As part of Peterborough City Council’s bid to reduce it’s carbon footprint, Wittering Primary School was identified as a building which would benefit from a modernised heating system.

Princeenergy was awarded the contract to provide extensive refurbishment to the Main Heating Plant with the aim of creating a more efficient system which would cost less to run and reduce the carbon footprint of the school.

The survey of the three existing kerosene boilers revealed that their average efficiency was down to 75%. Following careful decommissioning they were disposed of, along with the redundant oil tank and associated pipework after safe decant of oil residue.

The boilers were replaced with two Vari heat Fully modulating condensing boilers running at 96% efficiency offering an approx. saving of 21% on existing energy costs. Princeenergy had to provide specially fabricated headers to meet design changes and purpose made equipment replaced all existing flues.

In tandem with the boilers a high efficiency unvented cylinder was installed capable of delivering 501 litres per hour.

To further enhance the efficiencies the existing control system was replaced with one developed, designed and built by Princeenergy.

The new control system is capable of allowing the heating and hot water to be controlled separately and incorporates automatic pump alternation whilst offering complete weather compensation and occupancy optimisation, which further drives down fuel costs.

The main elements of work included:
- Safe disposal of existing kerosene fuelled boilers along with associated storage and lines
- Supply and installation of two high efficiency gas boilers rated to 96% efficiency
- Replacement of flues to optimise boiler efficiency
- Modification of headers and other system pipework to meet design changes
- Flushing and recharge of pipe system and installation of dirt air separator
- Design, build and installation of bespoke heating controls to maximise system benefits
- Full testing, commissioning and certification of complete system
- Installation of a new Gas Supply complete with a Medem Gas Monitoring System that allows the gas supply to be monitored via a proving/sender unit

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