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Smiths Motor Group
Installation of new commercial boiler and lighting system 

Project: Installation of new commercial boiler and lighting system
Client: Smiths Motor Group

Environmental Award winning car dealership Smiths Motor Group have made a name in the Peterborough area for reducing its carbon footprint and it is continuing to drive its green credentials even further working with Princeenergy.

Smiths who sell Vauxhall, Nissan, Hyundai, Dacia and Renault vehicles needed a new showroom to accommodate its Hyundai franchise and brought Princebuild and Princeenergy in to do the job.

“We have worked with Princebuild for many years and they have always provided us with an excellent service,” said Group Managing Director, Daniel Fitzjohn.

As well as constructing the new showroom, which involves making the building green and cost efficient, Princeenergy has also installed a new A rated energy efficient condensing boiler with a full weather compensation system into its nearby Nissan site.

"The initial investment is higher but the running costs are so very much better," said Mr Fitzjohn.

"The old boiler had begun to break down regularly and became inefficient and costly to repair," said Princeenergy’s executive manager, James Manning.

"We were asked to come up with an alternative solution which would offer maximum performance, optimum savings and peace of mind." he said.

"On the back of this, we will also be installing a high efficiency condensing boiler in the new showroom together with under floor heating, LED lighting and high levels of insulation."

Smiths Renault Showroom uses approximately 35 watts of electricity and hour with traditional lighting but with LED lighting the new Hyundai showroom will use between 5 and 7 watts.

Princeenergy installed the Vaillant Ecotec 656 (65kw) boiler in the Nissan showroom. "This boiler has class leading emissions, achieved by a fully modulating pre-mix burner that automatically matches the heat output to the demand," said Mr Manning.

"It is also fitted with a high performance circular stainless steel heat exchanger that allows more heat to be extracted by recapturing otherwise wasted heat," he said.

Optimum savings were made by adding the VRC 470f wireless weather compensator. "The weather compensator permanently monitors outside temperature and adjusts the boiler output to maintain the ideal desired room temperature indoors. This delivery of precisely the right amount of heat minimises wastage," said Mr Manning.

Mr Fitzjohn endorsed that statement. "The ambient temperature is much better now. We no longer get the big highs or big lows in temperature.

Smiths Motor Group have won two Awards from the Peterborough Environmental City Trust 'Annual Investors in the Environment'. There were 41 award winners in total and, on average, they reduced their carbon emissions by 35% each saving an average of £8,000.

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