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Lifecycle Works – Peterborough Schools 

Project: Lifecycle Works – Peterborough Schools
Value: £250,000
Duration: 7 weeks
Client: Bouygues
Completed: September 2020
Bouygues Energies & Services began a 30-year PFI Agreement with Peterborough City Council in 2007 to deliver a Total Facilities Management contract to Jack Hunt School, Ken Stimpson Community School and the Queen Katharine Academy.

This agreement ensures that the buildings, fixtures and fittings are maintained to a nearly new standard throughout the lifetime of the contract.

Princeenergy have worked with Bouygues on a number of projects and were successful in being awarded the mechanical and electrical works required across the three schools over the summer break.

The works included the installation of 250 LED light fittings. Internally and externally across the three properties. Not only will these be much more energy efficient, they are also low maintenance and will last much longer than traditional bulbs.

At Jack Hunt school warm air heaters were removed and replaced with pipe work radiators in the maths and design technology areas, as well as new air conditioning being installed in a further seven rooms.

At Ken Stimpson school all existing gate valves were replaced with lever valves on the pipework, gate valves are prone to issues and replacement will help to reduce future maintenance and repairs.

Finally at Queen Katharine academy the kitchen extraction system was refurbished and ten two-port heating valves and heads were installed down the main street.

All of the works completed over the summer will help to reduce future breakdowns and improve the operation of the systems within all three premises.

All works were completed in time for the new term and the client was very happy with the outcome.

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