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Domestic Customer
Domestic air source heat pump install 

Project: Domestic air source heat pump install
Value: £16,000
Duration: 4 weeks
Client: Domestic Customer
Completed: December 2012

With the oil bill soaring at his Oxfordshire home, company director Martin Spicer looked for an alternative sustainable energy supply and is now saving hundreds of pounds a year with an air source heat pump fitted by Princeenergy.

While most home owners are still pretty much in the dark over sustainable energy options, Mr Spicer has something of an advantage as he is a director of SJ Treloar and Associates, construction and property consultants, architectural designers and chartered building surveyors.

Mr Spicer specified a high temperature Daikin Air Source Heat Pump for his four bedroomed house in Oxfordshire, which was costing up to £3,000 a year in energy bills.

I am very pleased with the system. My energy repayments have decreased since having this installed and I can see some pretty substantial savings in the future in line with the projections provided.

“After deciding on the type of system I wanted I went to a number of companies but Princeenergy came out on top, " he said. “Princeenergy did a very good job for us and completed it, including replacing some radiators, in a week and a half.”

"Given such a long, cold winter I was apprehensive on how the system would perform. The results, however, have been very impressive with a plentiful supply of hot water and heating."

Mr Spicer said he would recommend the system to other home owners, although he stressed that it was important to look at all the associated costs and suitability with each installation. "This particular system is very good as a retro fit," he said.

"There are some initial up-front costs but there are nominal grants available. I received £850, but those grants are likely to change," he said.

Princeenergy's executive manager James Manning said they worked with SJ Treloar and Associates, after Mr Spicer's old boiler was becoming costly to run and was due for replacement. "We needed something which would offer maximum performance, lower running costs and peace of mind," said Mr Manning.

They decided upon a Daikin Altherma HT Air to Water Heat Pump which is able to produce a water flow temperature of 80 ̊C for central heating without using electric heaters. This allowed most of the existing radiators to be used.

The Daikin HT is a split refrigeration system. This allows the outside unit to be sited up to 50 metres away from the house. The refrigerant pipes were installed underground and the unit mounted approximately 4 metres from the indoor unit.

A second compressor and heat exchanger within the indoor unit boosts the heat reclaimed from outside air to achieve the required temperatures.

The complete installation was carried out by Princeenergy's own in-house specialists, including heating, refrigerant and electrical engineers.

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