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Hargrave Farming Ltd at Redwood Lodge Farm
Solar PV installation on grain store 

Project: Solar PV installation on grain store
Value: £124,000
Duration: 1 week
Client: Hargrave Farming Ltd at Redwood Lodge Farm
Completed: December 2012

Following the dismal summer of last year, one farmer was still left smiling with the return from his new harvesting system. John Brotherton owner of Hargrave Farming Ltd at Redwood Lodge Farm, Huntington, still enjoyed a profitable summer after Princeenergy fitted solar panels on his grain store.

Despite the rain and the lack of sunshine of 2012, the PV system generated more revenue from the Feed-in Tariff Scheme, from that which was forecast and now John says he would definitely recommend the system – and Princeenergy - to fellow farmers.

After Princeenergy completed the installation of the 50 kW solar PV system John said he was very pleased with the job

“We did it to create a new revenue stream and, so far, we have exceeded our forecasts despite the awful weather of last summer"

The project has a predicted payback of eight years and with rising energy prices, John saw the opportunity to create a ‘landmark’ installation to prove the business’s commitment to renewable energy.

The completed installation utilises 204 (245 watt) Solarworld PV panels mounted on to the grain store roof. At the heart of the system there are 3 SMA inverters converting the electric into to usable power for the store.

Before conducting any work on the roof, Princeenergy commissioned a structural survey to make sure that the roof was able to support the extra weight of the panels.

The structural surveyors made sure that the roof was able to sustain the extra weight of the panels. Once this process had been completed, the system design could commence.

The system was installed on the east facing roof of the grain store.

As well as the grain store installation, John also had Princeenergy fit solar panels on his daughter’s house in Market Harborough.

It’s a system John said he would definitely recommend “The FIT Scheme generates revenue for us from the grain store which we only use during a relatively few months of the year. For farmers who would use more electricity it would make even more sense. The installation on my daughter’s house is also paying dividends.

“I was very pleased with the way Princeenergy installed the system on the grain store and the timescale in which they did it in,” said John.

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