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Solar PV installation for Morrisons 

Project: Solar PV installation for Morrisons
Value: £12,000
Duration: 8 weeks
Client: Morrisons
Completed: January 2013

Challenges are what Princebuild and Princeenergy are all about as scores of clients will confirm, including leading supermarket chain Morrisons, who have been relying on the high level of service provided by the building group for many years.

​The latest challenge came in the shape of the requirement to install a solar panel system at Morrisons Supermarket in Maldon, Essex said Princeenergy’s technical manager, Darren Richardson.

"The challenge on this particular project was the coordination of the staff and fitting their work into the schedule of an on-going £7 million building project that was being done by our colleagues at Princebuild," said Mr Richardson.

"The project management of staff time and punctual completion of the work meant that the solar installation was integrated into the wider building work with no disruptions to the overall project schedule," he said.

Morrisons' project manager Shuaib Khan confirmed that the task was not only a successful one, but was completed three days ahead of schedule.

As a group we have used Princebuild for many years over many great projects and we not only have an excellent relationship with them, but they also deliver what they say they will. On time and at the right price," said Mr Khan.

"Clearly our environmental credentials are very exacting and we are continuously striving to find ways of reducing our carbon footprint. Our customers demand that, as does our staffs, as does our shareholders," said Mr Khan.

The latest installation of a 10KW solar PV system at the Maldon store utilises 40 (250 watt) Canadian Monocrystalline panels placed on a S Dome mounting system, with a 10,000TL SMA inverter at the heart of the system.

“This was a typical Princeenergy commercial project, with the modules retrofitted onto the existing roof using the lightweight S Dome system weighted by ballast meaning the roof required no penetration. With an external inverter also mounted on the roof there was minimal penetration made into the buildings waterproofing minimising.” said Mr Richardson.

“Before conducting any of this work on the roof, we commissioned a structural survey to make sure that the roof was able to support the extra weight of the panels. Once this process had been completed, the system design could commence, ”

“And”, as Mr Khan said, “we completed the installation three days ahead of schedule using a single commercial installation team – two electricians and two roofers – under the supervision of an on-site project manager.”

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