Princeenergy secure two new projects

new projects awarded

Princeenergy secure two new projects

March 26, 2021

Princeenergy are very pleased to announce the award of two new projects, both of which are in the healthcare setting.

The first is in the vicinity of the recently opened Cambridge branch and will see the delivery of a new Mechanical and Electrical Life Cycle Contract at Addenbrookes Treatment Centre. The project has been awarded by Bouygues Energies & Services and will involve the upgrading of many aspects of plant including Air Handling Units, Extract Fans, Pumps and Dual Fuel Burners.

Princeenergy have also been appointed Design Consultants for a NHS Dental Surgery in Lancashire. This project will involve designing a new ventilation system for the surgery to enable them to deliver treatments to more patients whilst ensuring a Covid safe environment.

Within the dentistry settings the amount of ‘fallow time’ between patients has had to be increased due to Covid-19 protocols meaning the number of patients being seen has been dramatically reduced.

The World Health Organisation has advised dental surgeries to take additional airborne precautions to help protect dentists and their patients. This is mainly down to the fact that a lot of dental procedures are producing aerosols and its therefore critical that ventilation systems assist by reducing the number of infectious micro-organisms.

Our design objectives are to validate the existing systems and design a ventilation system that will increase the air changes within the room to greater than 10 to allow the existing fallow time to be reduced to 15 minutes increasing the number of patients that can receive critical treatments.

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